We have experts who provide support for computer server and network. Remote back up of data is provided to the clients. There is also provision for disaster recovery. Replexea Tech Solutions provides services in the following domains. which are : 

Remote Management

This service provides comprehensive, proactive remote network monitoring and management service to clients. These services are being used by many companies which employs smart-based capabilities to help organisations:
  • For quickly adopting and deploying the new architecture-based technologies.
  • Reducing the cost of hiring and training.
  • Complementing the skill sets of IT management staff.
  • Ensuring network availability and performance.
  • Moving the operational SLA’s from reactive to pre-emptive.
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Hardware Support

IT assets is a heavy resource heavy job, with on-going issues and small fixes taking away valuable time from the core tasks. IT Equipments fail can cause damage to the business.

Setup, upgradation and maintenance of workstation as per the . Ask for quotation


Software Support

Providing accurate installation and run-time environment for various software applications as per client requirement. Timely upgradation of all user applications so that your personal and business process does not gets suffered.

Complete data recovery in case of crash down of system so that client does not have to worry about data loss. Ask for quotation


Networking Support

Providing secure and precise network solutions for your business environment. Setting up netorking devices like hubs, routers, LAN, WAN channels according to client needs.

Maintenance and updation of networking channels on regular basis so that security and sharing space do not get effected and providing access to the internet through a proper networking channel. Ask for quotation


Security Support

It is important to understand the top security threats any organization faces. The increased volume and the frequency of cyber attacks has made information security an everyday issue.

We provide security to your workstation against various malware, data loss, network blind spots,unsecured wireless networks through proper security applications. Ask for quotation


Replexea Tech Solutions offer experienced technical engineers as per the requirement both for onsite and offsite projects. We outsource system engineer, system administrator, network engineer and network administrator as per the requirements of the project. Ask for quotation